About Me

I’m Katrina! Working momma. Chronic illness champion. Endometriosis warrior. Hyster sister. Foodie. Fit mom. Plus a million other things.

And I’m so excited you are here!

Nutrition is such a major part of your health journey. It impacts every single piece of your body. Head to toe. Inside and out.

I’m proud of you for being here. It means you’ve realized what a huge role nutrition plays in your health and that you want to make it a focus. You will not be able to achieve whatever goals you have for yourself without long term lifestyle change. We’ve all done those diets and seen success and then bounced right back as soon as we got back to normal life. It’s time to kick yoyo dieting to the curb and start living every day in a way that’s not only going to help you hit your goals but is also still enjoyable! I’ve put together these meals to make sure that they are easily trackable if you are monitoring your macro intake, whatever your goals are set to. If you aren’t, that is fine too!

What are macros and why is it so popular for people to track them? “Macros” is short for macronutrient. Macros are the building blocks of our nutritional intake, and there are three main types – proteins, carbs and fats. We all know that it’s important to keep an eye on our caloric intake, but by tracking your macros you are also monitoring what percentage of your intake is made up by each group. By tracking your macros you are able to make sure you are eating the right amount of the proper food categories to help you hit your goals. If you are focused on building lean muscle, it’s especially important to be hitting your protein goal numbers. Eating the right amount of carbs will give your body the energy it needs. The right amount of fats help with cell production, protect your organs and help regulate hormone levels. None of these groups are “bad” or things that need to be stayed away from as long as you are eating healthy forms of them in the right quantities. Tracking my macros has been the most sustainable, fulfilling way for me to continue to hit my fitness goals, stay healthy and still eat the foods I love.

Who I am

My understanding of the full impact of food as medicine started when I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis, chronic fatigue, adenomyosis, and fibromyalgia. My doctor informed me that while I waited months for my specialty surgery, they recommended I follow the Autoimmune Protocol Diet. I went from eating pretty much whatever I wanted to not being allowed to have grain, seeds, eggs, dairy, legumes, refined sugar, or any processed foods. Eating a diet that restrictive while battling chronic pain and fatigue, and trying to work full time plus parent was extremely difficult. It got to the point that I could barely walk up the stairs by myself. How in the world was I going stand in the kitchen for an hour preparing something that wasn’t even going to taste that good? Meals having to be made completely from scratch without any processed food was overwhelming.

Why I can help

Through the power of a lot of research, creativity and a whole lot of meal planning I was able to recreate a lot of my favorite foods in a compliant way, and I managed to put most of them together in under 30 minutes. The creativity that blossomed from that experience combined with the physical relief I felt has changed my life. Eating whole foods helped prevent my flares, healed my gut and battled the systemic inflammation that had taken over my body. Post op I transitioned to a Paleo lifestyle as I slowly reintroduced certain foods.

When I felt healed enough to start building back up my best self I started working closely with an amazing team that taught me how to lift weights and track my macros, and I’ve never looked or felt better. The first week of tracking my macros I was as overwhelmed as I was when I started AIP. It was tempting for me to fall back into eating more processed foods, buy things that were “fat free” or load up on all my carbs eating processed snacks. I’m here to bridge that gap for you. There’s power in whole foods. You need to be getting the right amounts of nutrients in the right ways. Only then will you truly see the success you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

My love of food and its role in a healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop when I leave the kitchen. I’m always researching and learning, and am currently working on completing my Precision Nutrition certification.

You deserve to do this for yourself

By now I’m sure you know that you need a balance of nutrition, active lifestyle, and healthy mental and emotional state. Much easier said then done, right? The issue I continue to find as someone who lives a very busy life is- how do I find time for all of these things? True health comes from a complete change in lifestyle. If you are unable to shift into a sustainable, long term way of living, it’s not going to work for you. You may be able to do everything for awhile, but at the end of the day going a million miles an hour isn’t good for you.

Fact of the matter is, most of us having time for everything we need to stay healthy isn’t possible. Food was the most obvious area for me to make adjustments. By planning meals and ordering my ingredients once a week I was able to get myself into a sustainable routine. I was able to save time and money without getting bored by utilizing the same ingredients multiple times but in different recipes. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of options out there that are cost effective, whole food based, family friendly or sustainable. None of them are easily trackable if you are monitoring your macro intake.

Being able to have the support of a meal plan that provides options that are flexible is huge for so many reasons and there’s nothing out there that offers such a feature. I know I’m one of the lucky ones because I truly love hanging out in the kitchen and coming up with new things to try. It’s my happy place where I go to relieve stress. For so many people it’s the opposite, and that’s where this meal plan option comes in. After a number of friends pushing for me to provide meal plans I decided it was time to pull the trigger and offer a solution to a problem so many of us seemed to be having. A cost effective and exciting way to make meals, hit your macros, feed your family and be flexible to fit your needs. Something you can rely on long term to bring burst of color and flavor to your plate and make your tastebuds (and the rest of you) giddy.

Food as Medicine

Don’t underestimate the power of food! It’s nature’s medicine and fuels your body and brain. Quick doesn’t have to mean unhealthy or boring. I’m here to make sure you are giving yourself the nutrients you need to perform your best. Gut health enhancing, brain boosting, anti-inflammatory. I do the work for you.

Creative and Quick

Colorful, flavorful and fast. I use simple ingredients you probably already have around the house to make dishes you’d find in a restaurant. Everything in my meal plans are guest and instagram worthy, but take half the time and cost. Many of your favorite comfort foods have been reinvented to be happier, healthier versions of themselves.

Multifunctional Meals

Utilizing ingredients for multiple meals as well as repurposing components and leftovers helps keep things exciting and delicious without forcing you to spend hours in the kitchen or a ton of money at the store. Cooking one ingredient once and using it in 3 very different meals is one of my favorite ways to cut corners.

Kid Friendly

Foodie problem #1- your kid usually doesn’t want to eat that wild, out of the box dinner you slaved for hours on. The fact that these meals are easily measurable means certain ingredients don’t have to make their way into everyone’s serving. My picky 4 year old is able to eat (almost) everything I make, and I can feel good about it.

Let’s make something together.